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We are proud to have created the World’s first quality CBD dominant Vape Liquid. This product is great for those on the go that need instant relief. Our 1,000 mg “Orange Label” bottle can fill a 1.5 ml vape cartridge 20 times. Our formula has a sweet hash oil taste to it that makes it a pleasure to vape. Designed as a multipurpose product, this can also be taken orally for those that demand versatility!

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, CBD dominant hemp extract, Limonene (orange extract)

*All our CBD products are free of diacetyl (the compound that causes popcorn lung).

Before Use:

If consuming orally: consume 1.5 hours before any pharmaceuticals that metabolize in the liver (roughly 60% of all meds) to avoid any interactions.

Just as people may fail drug tests from consuming poppy seeds, hemp products may also cause false positives when consumed. The chances are low, but increase if you consume large portions each day over time. Please discuss this matter with any people of authority that may be giving you a drug test in the future. This is not a marijuana product.

As consumption via the means of vaping allows instantaneous relief, simply take puffs from you vaporizer until you feel the desired results. Although vaping is great for quick relief, oral consumption is best for long lasting relief; but more CBD dominant hemp extract is usually needed to be consumed with oral consumption dosing means.

When vaping a Full Extract Cannabis Oil, it is best to start at low temperatures and slowly work your way up until you find the sweet spot. Below is the recommended setup that works best for us. The below setup is the most user friendly hardware we have found.:

There are no temperatures to adjust. Just fill and go. If you don’t want to get into the technical jargon then the Kandy Pen Rubi is the way to go!

*Our Vape Liquid works best with cartridges that can handle thicker liquid.

*As our products are so much different than everyone else’s on the the market, we are often asked if the vape liquid is supposed to be a thick semi-transparent looking fluid. The answer is YES. We do not use questionable ingredients to give our vape liquid a certain look or texture like the other companies as we focus on quality ingredients.

*Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

500 and 1,000 mg bottles:

33.3 mg of CBD per ml of fluid

250 mg bottle:

16.7 mg of CBD per ml of fluid

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